Friday, September 2, 2016

Three myths about cleaning


We all have talked about cleaning with our friends and relatives. This topic is going yet to move people until there are homes and we are forced to take care of them on an everyday basis. brush-1324466_640Cleaning is indeed an eternal subject. However, too often we have heard that a friend of our friend has tried doing something new while doing the end of tenancy cleaning and we decide to share this “wonderful” idea with another friend of ours. Then, we end up having spread a new “technique” that is absolutely useless and a friend of our friend who has tried it is more than disappointed. But how can we be sure if what we have understood is true.

Here are three of the most common myths that deserve to be revealed.

More detergent means more power

Well, this one is the most common mistake made while cleaning. You decide to wash the windows and end up spraying more and more of the windows cleaning product, then you use even more effort to get rid of the detergent and the final effect is, unfortunately, not satisfying at all.

[bctt tweet=”The first rule by cleaning is to use detergent as an additional help, not as an only support.”]

Different products better result

Before starting the big end of tenancy cleaning, you are going to the supermarket, having decided that you should buy a detergent for every surface. Well, that’s completely unnecessary. Most often there are multifunctional detergents on sale and you can buy one, for instance, that can perfectly clear glass and wooden surface. So take your time in the shop and buy the right ones.

Cleaning is easy

Yeah, it’s not nuclear physics, but like in all other fields, you have to have the rights technique so as to be able to clean of good quality in less time.

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