Thursday, May 12, 2016

Buying a flat in the downtown or a house in the suburbs?

If you have decided to settle down, if the years of your wildness and freedom, when you had no certain home and you were travelling through different countries and cities, looking for your soul, falling in and out of love, getting over, getting hurt and being joyful, happy, careless and enchanted.

The house in the suburbs

The key word here is tranquillity. Yeah, this home will be a lot more spacious and is indeed suitable for a growing family, but there you will have a backyard as well and a safe and tranquil neighbourhood where your children will learn biking and where you will organize BBQ nights in the garden of some of your friends. You will spend more time going to work, but the quality of the time spent at home will be much more valuable and the family memories you will create there are about to be remembered.